Skinny love

I took this last picture this morning. I wish I had one of him like this from a week ago, but I only have one of him dressed, Which does show how thin he was.

I know he has gained some weight in the last week. He eats like a horse. I find very little that he wont eat.

He started out weighing 39.68lbs. Steele is younger then him by at least 2 yrs an weighs 42.50lbs.When I take Abel to the Dr. at the end of February, we will see how much he has gained.

He is doing great. We got him to stay up until after 8pm last night. I went to HP Woman and Dean stayed home with them. He loves to bathe, plays great with Steele, is sleeping solid till 6am and seems really happy.

I have been in contact with the LSU student who will teach him English, we are hoping to meet this Saturday.


Erin Moore said…
where is his butt?!?! :-)

He couldn't be any cuter, seriously! This is so exciting, thank you for letting us ride along on this journey with you!

I'm also excited to have found someone who updates their blog more often than me! You rock!! :-)


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