School Work

Today I started Abel working in a first grade Curriculum book and Steele in a preschool book. They are both doing great.

One of the first things Abel ask about when he got here was school, "go to school? When?" In Ethiopia people have to pay to go to school, so 45% of the population is uneducated. The kids LONG to go to school. They think it is the greatest thing in the world. So, next Fall I will put him in school somewhere.

Abel will turn 7 on March 26th so really, he should be going into 2nd grade next year. He has displayed a real knowledge of letters, numbers, colors and shapes, counting and adding, and he makes up some really crazy math equations. So, I think he was taught basic stuff in the Care center.

Steele is lovin' doing school now because Abel is and Steele dares not to be out done :-)

Right now Evangeline is helping them build some houses with the Lincoln Logs.

Life is good.


Good thing is when you put Abel in school you can get ESL services (English as a Second Language) for free in the public school system. Some of the EBR schools have great programs. Yet, the school will not put him in the program if you don't want him to, but it is usually helpful.

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