How's he doing?

Abel is doing great. He fits right into our family very well.

He seems happy and content. No night terrors so far.

Him and Steele play great together. They sleep together on the top bunk. and he is sleeping from 9pm till 7 or 8am now.

He is still eating great. Dean ran through Taco Bell with the boys today and Abel liked it.

He climbed up beside me last night in the bed while I was watching What Not to Wear and laid there for a minute, then got down and proceeded to straighted my book shelf.

I am going to start teaching him Kindergarten stuff to try and get him ready to go into first grade this next school year. He already knows and recognizes his letters and numbers and draws really good.

And in a few minutes we are going to meet an LSU student named Daniel, he speaks Amharic and is going to teach Abel English.

So, things are going good.

We may attempt church tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Your posts have been amazing...and have left me almost speechless as to what to comment.
But I wanted to say something...
You and your family are amazing - and an awesome reminder of what God can do when we step aside and let him just have His way.
I hope we can let go and let Him use us as much as you guys have.
The possibilities are endless...
Love your heart.
Blessings -

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