Baton Rouge Ethiopians..

This is Daniel, and LSU student who is from Ethiopia and his beautiful girlfriend Caroline from Montreal Canada with Abel yesterday at Highland Coffee's.

We met with Daniel about teaching Abel English. We all decided that maybe the best thing to do is let him start playing soccer with the other Ethiopian people here in Baton Rouge once a week and that way he will hear Amharic and English. The soccer starts up in a couple weeks on Friday nights, and we are very excited about this!

I asked Daniel so many questions. He was so kind and gracious. He is half French, half Ethiopian and has traveled the world. I really look forward to Abel getting to know him and Caroline and all their friends.

He said they sometime have get togethers with traditional Ethiopian food and dancing. I know that is something our entire family would love.

I really want to keep Abel in touch with his heritage and I really want him to retain his Amharic and Tigrinya language. I know that may be impossible but I'm willing to give it a shot. At the least he will know where he came from and the wonderful people he is a part of. And we, his family, will learn that culture, that heritage so he knows we care about what formed him the first 6 yrs of his life just as much as he does.


what a great resource to have for your family!! I keep checking around at our university for some Ethiopians, but no luck so far...
Anonymous said…
Abel looks so happy now. When I first saw his pictures he had a sad look in his eyes even when he smiled, but now his eyes have changed. They look happy. My heart is bursting to see my new grandson. I can't wait til March!
Love MOM
Archie Mck said…
Awesome! Saw your twitter the other day about this, excited to read about how it turned out!
Erin Moore said…
Does Abel read? I wonder if you continue to provide Abel with Amharic literature, if that will help to preserve his Amharic language skills?

It's so wonderful that you are committed to keeping him connected to his heritage.

You guys rock.

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