The "eat crap and die" look

Parents, you know the look, it's the one our parents promised to "knock off your face", the one we gave them when we just couldn't stand one more minute of them telling us what to do.

The one all kids have given their least once.

I have gotten it from Evangeline many times, Steele more times then I can count and now Abel is no exception.

He gave it to me the other day prior to a melt down. It was a mild crying melt down cuz' he just didn't want to listen to me but a melt down, non-the-less.

Tonight, at dinner, Dean got it. I had to quietly whisper "don't freak out" to Dean.

See, Abel was hungry, asking for dinner and then when we finally had it on the table, he didn't want Lasagna. He did the crinkled nose and wave of the hand while saying "no". I told him he had to at least try it and he couldn't have anything else to eat for the night if he didn't eat at least some of it. Well he wouldn't even try it. He sat there sulking and not looking at us through the entire meal. When Dean firmly told him he had to eat, that is when he gave Dean the "eat crap and die" look.

After some failed attempts at persuasion, I took his plate and sat it on the counter, told him he would bath and go to bed since he was too sick to eat. I bathed him and Steele and after the bath I lotioned him down, he got on his PJ's and I told him he had to go to bed. Dean came in and talked to him. Laid in the bed with him for a few minutes and then we kissed him and told him good night.

About 5 minutes later he called for Dean. "Dad. I eat" so Dean let him get up, gave him his plate of Lasagna and he promptly ate it all!

Now, he's snuggled up beside me watching Narnia with the rest of us and the "eat crap and die" look is gone.

All is well, all is well.


Sounds like progress. :)
Erin Moore said…
That's the best - some good parenting at work there!

...I guess he's testing the waters, it sounds like you guys handled that perfectly!

Sounds like his English is coming along well too - did they teach him English in the care center?
Anonymous said…
that is awesome!! love it.
loving your posts about living on less...
living for ourselves is so joy-draining...
but it is such a daily...hourly choice.
thanks for the reminder.
nice work...I can't believe how exhausting it is to start over with a 6 year old - - you forget about how much time and effort you've put in with your other bio kids!!

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