E and I going on a missions trip...

Yes, we are currently raising money to go back to Ethiopia! This will be Evangeline's first missions trip and she will be in Ethiopia on her 13th Birthday!!

It's a scary thing to put out there. I so want to return to Ethiopia, really think this will be a great experience for Evangeline but I am still scared. I keep praying for God to make it crystal clear this is His will but all I hear is "walk" so I am walking in what I feel God is wanting.

I know Ethiopia has a part of our families heart, forever. When we went to get Abel, I was not prepared for what it would do to me. I had read, dreamed of going, prayed and felt I was ready but nothing prepared me for what I felt and saw while I was there.

It's weird because by the time we left I was so ready to be home. I couldn't handle anymore. I was completely overwhelmed by what I saw, what I felt. I had severe culture shock. But at the same time I wept the night before we left as our group sat at the traditional restaurant, me in my traditional Ethiopian dress, watching Tes dance with the dancers to traditional music. I felt like in that instant, God wrapped the cords of Ethiopia around my heart.

You ever feel like your walking in what God has for you but know there is more? Well I found the more when I went to Ethiopia. I never thought of myself as a missionary. I joked about how I scored the lowest in Missions on my Spiritual Gifts test. But I have always known I was called to Orphans, and every day that goes by I see more and more that it's African Orphans.

So, that is why I feel we must go on this trip.

For Evangeline, like she has told many people "I don't want to go to Africa because I am afraid I wouldn't want to leave" I know it will get under her skin. How great will it be for her at 12 to find herself working in an Orphanage in one of the poorest countries in the world?

For me, I pray this trip takes me deeper into the plans of God. I pray I get to serve orphans as Jesus would and also serve the ones serving the Orphans everyday of their lives there in Ethiopia.

Dean will stay back with the boys. He is 100% behind us girls going, you know, since he's been on missions trip to Canada and Swaziland and to adopt from Ethiopia :-)

Now, for the awkward fund-raising part.

The trip will cost us $6200.00 for E and I to go. Right now we have to turn in the $400.00 application fee. We are believing God for all of the cost.

We will be doing a really cool Coffee Fund raiser selling Fair Trade coffee through 963 Missions. I will post more about that later. We will also be selling some more of Cook_E's baked goods. And Evangeline will also be babysitting to raise funds.

Yes, I feel like I'm in a perpetual state of fund raising. I think God is getting me back for always judging preachers who have to pass a bucket each Sunday and ask for contributions. It's a humbling thing But we are also selling hats, coffee, services, baked goods, so I pray people see that we are working for the money and I pray that we represent all who send us and Jesus the most.

Below is a description of what we will be doing on our trip. Let me know if you want to support us. More information about our fundraiser to come soon.

Description: Travel to the capital city, Addis Ababa, to visit and serve various ministries and projects throughout the city. These ministries will include orphanages, job-training projects, and other child welfare services. You will also visit Ambo, a small town in the country, to work with other projects that Mocha Club supports. The vision of these trips is to raise awareness of the need for continued efforts throughout the country of Ethiopia.

Tentative Dates: July 10 - July 22 (dates could vary by 1-2 days on each side)

Cost: Approximately $3,100


Erin Moore said…
I will be praying for you and supporting you as I can. I'm buying my tickets today ($1600). Does "Cook E" ship her goods to Maine? :-)

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