Exciting new book by a really cool blogging Chick, Pinkhairedgirl!

Check it out and please do the survey if it pertains to you.

Dirty Girls is a book that will discuss the widespread, yet silent battle women are facing with pornography addiction. Surveys are being conducted at TheNewPornAddicts.com for women presently addicted to pornography, for women who have overcome a pornography addiction and for friends, family and accountability partners of women addicted to pornography.
Through analyzing surveys, as well as conducting interviews with those who have been affected by pornography, author Crystal Renaud will use her personal story of redemption and Biblical and practical tools for recovery, to show women they are not alone in their battle and the hope that freedom from a pornography addiction is possible.

More can be found at TheNewPornAddicts.com.


Crystal Renaud is a twenty-four year old writer and communications professional living in the Kansas City area. Crystal is on staff at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS. She has spent much of the last 12-18 months voluntarily counseling women with sexual addiction through the use of her own story and under the supervision and mentorship of licensed Biblical counselors. Her writings can be found on her blog of almost 5 years, pinkhairedgirl.net.

Read Crystal's Porn Story


If you are a woman who is currently addicted to pornography, please take the first survey.

If you are a woman who has overcome an addiction to pornography, please take the second survey.

If you are friend, family member or accountability partner of a woman who is currently or formerly addicted to pornography, please take the third survey.


Although it is not required, in order to make this survey as verifiable and legit as possible, I ask that you please provide your name and contact information. The information you provide will not be sold or distributed in any way ... to anyone. Data is password protected and the only person who holds the key to this information is myself.

Please be honest throughout this survey. The data will be strategically analyzed and used in a general method of support in the book. If you have questions or concerns about taking a survey, please do not hesitate to contact me (http://www.thenewpornaddicts.com/contact.html).


About: http://www.thenewpornaddicts.com/about.html
Crystal's blog: http://www.pinkhairedgirl.net
Crystal's story: http://www.thenewpornaddicts.com/crystal.html
Surveys: http://www.thenewpornaddicts.com/surveys.html
Confessional: http://www.thenewpornaddicts.com/confess.html


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