The Brothers

Today I woke up around 7am to Abel laying on the Pallet singing and talking to himself in his language. He seemed happy and content, didn't ask to wake up, so I went back to sleep.

Dean got up around 9am with the boys and then at 10am him and Evangeline went to church.

Steele and Abel went outside, Abel got on the bike, while Steele played ball over the fence with our neighbors son. They didn't come back inside until 3:00pm!!

He rides the bike in a circle around our back drive way/car port area.

He has eaten two packs of Oatmeal, a huge apple, a banana, one bag of popcorn, a peanut butter sandwich, a couple hands full of pretzels and drank 4 cups of apple juice!

Now, he is finally inside, only because it started sprinkling outside.

Him and Steele are laying on the Spiderman couch watching Car's.

It's a great day.

the brothers laying on the spiderman couch

Abel with his shades on, riding the big wheel with the spiderman couch on it!

I slept good last night but I am very tired today so I am going to take a nap...

Will post more later.


Adopting1Soon said…
He seems to be settling in well, yea? Lots of fun stuff to do and keep his mind of ET. He loves that spiderman couch!

Have you noticed if he is accepting you as mom yet? I'm just curious. I've been reading some blogs lately and they are like the older kids were instantly attached. Like WHAMMO SUPERGLUE. Could you write on your observations on that? Well, if you want, that is! Congrats again, and get some rest!!! Keep updating, I check several times a day! - Mika
Erin Moore said…
Looks like a great day! I love that your other son's name is Steele - that's an AWESOME name. How old is he?

I saw your comment on my blog. I have three biological kids M9, F8, F3 and we're praying about adopting a Eth Boy between 4-6. I am planning to travel to Eth in April with Children's Hopechest. The Lord has really opened my eyes to poverty in the last year. I hope the Lord opens the doors for us to adopt this year.

What agency did you use, would you recommend them?

AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Asa is right on side of me looking at Abel. He looks forward to meeting him! I love the picture of Steele and Abel and of course the couch on the bike is priceless!!
Lesley said…

I am SO happy for all of you! It has been such a blessing for you to share this journey with us, thank you!

I'm sure it is helping Abel alot to have Steele!! They are so cute together ... nothing like brotherly love!!

Do you know for sure yet what size clothes Abel wears? (BTWi It is SO cool to finally be able to type his whole name!!) I think I have some more clothes for him :-)

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