At the Playground

Dean took Abel, Evangeline and Steele to the HPAC playground. It's quite there, no other kids were playing so it was like having a private park.

The HPAC is right beside the HPC offices so a few of our friends came out and saw Abel. They kept it low key.

This is Evangeline, Steele doing his Zoolander super model face, and Abel lovin the fun!

Abel enjoying the slide.


Erin Moore said…
He looks so cute in his sweatsuit! So comfy!!

Is Steele also adopted? All of your kids are fantastically beautiful!!!
Carole Turner said…

Yes, Steele was adopted at birth from Florida. He's bi-racial.
Anonymous said…
Love the pictures, seeing sweet Abel (we miss all of you!), and reading your posts. Thank you, Carole!

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