Two days till the ride of a life time

I'm writing out all of E's school work for next week, making list of donations we're bringing, putting forms in clear folders, getting new bills, packing, all things I have to get done for our trip.

I pick up my niece from the Airport this afternoon, she's staying with the kids while we are gone.

I've never been away from E or Steele for 6 days. I will miss them bad.

I bought a sweat suite from Academy for the flight. I don't have stuff like that. I wear jeans, never sweat pants but Dean said I need to go totally comfortable for the 24hr trip. The ones I got are cute, will go great with my TOMS.

Yes, I'm wearing my Tom's for sure. They are my most comfortable shoes! AND there is something so significant to me about wearing shoes that when I bought them a child in Ethiopia also received a pair.

Dean and I went to church last night, It was great to worship, be with family. HPC is a great family.

We went over to Refuge after wards to thank Tweeze, Jennifer and all the youngsters that helped us get to this day. Brandon, Leah, Sarah and Trice, and all the Refuge kids that bought necklaces last summer, they made this happen. Tori, gave the necklaces. They are all so special.

And Tweeze, his heart for the Orphan, the poor and the hurting. HPC youth are so blessed to have him and Jennifer leading them. I love what Tweeze said last Summer to the kids at Refuge, "we are helping this child, Abel, have a home, we will know him, get to see him grow up". Now, in a week he will be here and that will be a reality.

I thanked Susan but didn't see Mrs. Barbara. Two woman that so inspire me and helped us more then I can say.

And Dino. My pastor. Like I said in my twitter yesterday "thank you HPC for giving wings to dreams and serving the least of these". None of this would be possible without the leadership of Dino and Delynn. They love, they serve and it's contagious.

So many more people gave to make this happen, The Abba Fund, Life Song for Orphans, Hope Ettore, His Heart for Orphans, Marsha, Mom, Summer, Cindy, Monet, Anne, Our BRDC Family, I could go on and on and I hate that I have left people out. It's been a year process and so many helped but right now my brain is overloaded.

Whether I say your name or not, GOD WILL BLESS YOU ALL!! You acted. You helped place and Orphan in a home.

Two days from now I will be on a plane to Ethiopia to meet our new 6yr old son....

So, I'm in line for the tallest, fastest roller coaster. I've been waiting for hours, excited, not believing I GET to ride this amazing ride. I look up, and fear grips me. BUT the excitement overrides that fear. Saturday we strap in and grip the harness, scared but ready, praying Lord help us.


Archie Mck said…
So exciting! Know we're praying for you guys!

And love Toms, great company with a great idea
Anonymous said…
God speed to you and Dean. I love you both and will be thinking and praying for y'all. Kiss our new grandson from his GrandMa and GrandPa.I will call you tonight.
Love MOM.
Unknown said…
Mrs.Carole i can't wait to meat abel!! i miss yall,i want to see yall so bad! you are the best person ever!!!(besides my mom)LOL bye
god bless you bye
Anonymous said…
woooooohoooooo! I'm so excited for y'all! It's going to be a wonderful trip to Ethiopia and a miraculous journey for your family. ...So excited!!
We'll be praying God's favor over y'all the whole time.
Shannon said…
Blessings to you! What an amazing time. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Adopting1Soon said…
Safe journeys and Ican't wait to see pictures upon your return! How terrifying and wonderful all at the same time!
Anonymous said…
It has been such a joy to see God at work in your family! We are praying for you all as you travel. Can't wait to see photos!

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