Twitter feed from trip to Ethiopia

WE R HOME!!! Abel is playing in the yard w/ Steele. I am uploading pics. 3:04 PM Jan 30th from TweetDeck

@cook-e is at the dr right now, she got hydrated at the ER, now the Dr. Is getting everything straight w her pump. 7:56 AM Jan 30th from txt

Got off plane to text from @cook-e in the ER. Yea, she put on new pump while we were gone but forgot to set insulin doesage. Went into DKA 7:44 AM Jan 30th from txt

Abel n Tes, his friend that was adopted by another family thats here in the airport w us, just discovered the toy store n are really in awe. 7:41 AM Jan 30th from txt

My Ethiopian son gets off the plane in DC, see's an Obama T-shirt n says "Obama". No lie. 7:29 AM Jan 30th from txt

Abel loved the plane, got very excited.i am covered in coffee n urin, yea, i smell great. I look like death. What a story...begins. 5:44 AM Jan 30th from txt

IN AMERICA! Waiting in customs, then onto wait for flight to N.O. SO READY TO BE HOME. Hardest thing ive ever done, physically n mentally. 5:40 AM Jan 30th from txt

The mothers with babies, sleeping n living on the side walk is uncomprehendable, yet they r everywhere here. 9:09 AM Jan 29th from txt

Sitting in the airport in Et. watching the kids take pictures w Ethiopian soccer team. Yes, how cool is that they r here same time. 9:09 AM Jan 29th from txt

Having a coffee ceremony w the guest house staff before we leave for the airport. We will miss Johnny, Tigest, BeBe n Eata. 6:16 AM Jan 29th from txt

Wasnt able to go to orphanages, sad but its ok. Not sure if I could emotionally handle it anyway. 3:54 AM Jan 29th from txt

Construction workers we've been watching behind guest house, using bambo for scafolding on 8 story build,make whats equal too 80.00 a month. 2:00 AM Jan 29th from txt

Up at 5am, prayers woke me again. Reading Crazy Love. Hope to go to some orphanages today. Ready to get home. 6:58 PM Jan 28th from txt

Everyone has videon still cameras going at all times so it will help the children remember. 10:30 AM Jan 28th from txt

Video, pictures, cannot replace such heritage. Sad n happy for our Abel. I cant explain this. Bursting heart maybe says it best. 10:18 AM Jan 28th from txt

At Et. Rest. W/ dancers, n Tes, 1 of the kids is dancing w the ladies. We r in tears, the kids leave so much. We pray they dont forget Et. 10:10 AM Jan 28th from txt

He definitley understands more English then we thought he would. He still likes Dean better but he's warming up to me. 9:34 AM Jan 28th from txt

According to the staff at the Guest House, Abel speaks Tigryna, Amharic n English. They have been talking to him alot. He's freaky smart. 9:34 AM Jan 28th from txt

I am wearing a blue traditional ethiopia dress to eat dinner at an ethiopian rest. 9:28 AM Jan 28th from txt

At Christian Orothodox church. What i heard the other morning wasnt Muslim prayer, it was this. There r people kneeling everywhere, outside. 9:28 AM Jan 28th from txt

@loswhit please tell Heather I met Brian Seay n family today in market here in Ethiopia! Beautiful family. 2:46 AM Jan 28th from txt

Felling better today. Shopping. Abel got a necklas n hat that r Et. Flag colors. Beggers r really upsetting me. Thank god for Cliff bars. 1:41 AM Jan 28th from txt

Had a pretty good nights sleep, despite the music n dogs barking all night I feel better this morning. Tks for the prayers. 9:07 PM Jan 27th from txt

Felt bad today, waves of nausea, headache, but Excedrine is really helping. I could do a commercial for Excedrine. I need sleep. 10:01 AM Jan 27th from txt

Went to visit Abel's orphanage, he gave them his ball but was not sad to leave at all. We all cried though meeting the ladies n kids waiting 7:31 AM Jan 27th from txt

Today has been hard. Exausted n overwhelmed by the emotions. Processing is hard but prayer works. 7:23 AM Jan 27th from txt

I just gave our housekeeper two jumbo packs of pads. She cried, i cried n she couldnt stop saying thank u. I am heart broken. 2:36 AM Jan 27th from txt

Walked up 2 room n Abel was making Dean's bed. Had already straightened up some.he did his ceremonial pray routine before brushing his t ... 2:19 AM Jan 27th from txt

Ok, i will be flexing n flashing my calve muscles when i get back cuz walking 5 flights of stairs several times a day is killing my legs! 1:55 AM Jan 27th from txt

There is nothig like being w these 3 families w there new kids. I have to choke back tears a lot. I will never be the same. 9:57 PM Jan 26th from txt

7am, coffee is being put on the table. I need it so bad! Abel is playing soccer in the yard. He's very good. 8:26 PM Jan 26th from txt

5am, we r up. Abel's been up for an hour playing w his stuffed tiger n puppy in bed. He tried to make his side of bed w me still in it. 6:32 PM Jan 26th from txt

Just ate at Et. Rest. Called Rodeo. Everyone has on cowboy hats. All the kids ate w their hands using a spongie bread called Engeria 9:37 AM Jan 26th from txt

I keep staring at Abel, that's him, he's w us.he luvs his new clothes. Shoes fit perfect,underware r way 2 big. 9:22 AM Jan 26th from txt

Abel just did a little ceremony n prayed before he ate,did catholic cross several times, n prayed out loud. Yea, we teared up. 2:30 AM Jan 26th from txt

Eating Ethiopian food at a rest. It is raining n rain is coming in through holes in the deiling. Very fun. Kids like it. 2:25 AM Jan 26th from txt

Unbelievable. This day. This place. Overwhelming my heart. 1:15 AM Jan 26th from txt
He's playing w Dean. Has on Barbie tennis shoes n understood when Dean said "he has on girls shoes" Abel said "no there boys" 12:26 AM Jan 26th from txt

It just happened!! We r w Abel. He is tiny. He took to Dean immediatley, kinda hesitant w me. He's writing his ABC's for us now. 12:11 AM Jan 26th from txt

Cell service very speratic. My twi notifications r turned off so DM me if needed 10:36 PM Jan 25th from txt

9am in Ethiopia, breakfast was French toast, very good n the best, strongest coffee in the world!! God smiled on this coffee freak. 10:33 PM Jan 25th from txt

Bar down street payed Et. Music till 3am atleast, dog barked till 4am. But slept ok. Weather is nice, no ac or heat but not needed. 7:11 PM Jan 25th from txt

Eating bkfst at 7am, Abel comes at 9:30am. City is indescribable. People so nice. Couples we came w/ r great. 7:10 PM Jan 25th from txt

6am in Ethiopia. Woke to Muslim morning Prayers outside (i think thats what I heard)cell service in n out here. 7:07 PM Jan 25th from txt

WE ARE IN ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!! 8:14 AM Jan 25th from txt


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