Abel really likes riding his bike!

Abel is doing great. Him and Steele are two peas in a pod, they play great together so far.

He didn't have a yard to play in at the care center so he is loving being outside. He is either drawing and coloring, riding the bike or playing the keyboard.

He's very good at riding the bike...and drawing.

Between the sign language he knows and the English, we are able to communicate much better then I imagined.

Around 5am he woke up crying. I picked him up and held him for a bit and told him it was alright. He couldn't tell me why he was crying, probably doesn't know himself.

I want to post a big detailed post about the trip but right now I just can't. I guess I'm still processing it. Thank God for Twitter because I was able to twit some thought while I was there and even still, that's about all I can muster up.

It will come I know.

For now, here is a part of an E-mail I sent to some families that are waiting to travel to get their kids through our agency. I teared up several times while typing that e-mail just thinking about Ethiopia.

I look at the pictures and I miss it. It's a part of us now and I will never be the same.

Hello IAG waiting families,

Just wanted to tell you all that will have the privilege of going to

Ethiopia to get your children, the Grand Guest House staff are so nice.

Anything we needed they got for us, water, taken to a shop down the
road to pick up food.

Breakfast was wonderful.

Rooms spotless.

Guard attentive and caring.

Driver, Bebe, great and AMAZINGLY helpful!

We were treated like royalty.

We tipped the driver mid week, and at the end. He was so helpful.

Johnny, the desk manager speaks pretty good english, we consider him
family now. Seriously, he's so nice and my husband Dean would stay up
late talking to him. He is a jewel!

Also, Tigres, she is the day desk girl, gave us a coffee ceremony the
last day. Johnny, who was off work, stayed the day just to be with us
and see us off.

**Ideas for stuff to bring**

PADS FOR THE LADIES. I wish I had brought more.

Kids shoes.

The guard, Eato, has a two year old little girl so you could bring
stuff for her.

Cliff bars or protein bars to hand out to the street kids.

I regret not having more bars to hand out when we went shopping.

buy the gum the street kids are selling. They are not begging, they are
trying to earn some money by selling you gum.

Just typing that makes me tear up thinking about the street kids.

because we found out too late but they said there is a place you can
go and get a ticket for food to give to the street kids instead of
money because they will follow you if you give them money.

I regret not bringing more stuff to give the people. We tipped
generously, but I still wish I could have done more.

SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! Not for what you get but for what you are doing for
their economy. Buy a map from the guy on the street outside the shops.
Hit as many shops as you can, especially the ones ran by the ladies,
they are so helpful and kind and they need us to buy.

Bebe, our driver would take us into the shops and let us know if we
were getting a good deal. If you can have him do this for you, do it.

Again, I am tearing up thinking about all this.

Spend as much money in that country as you can. Tell friends you will
buy them stuff and have them give you money to spend for them and tell
them they will be helping an impoverished nations economy by
purchasing beautiful, inexpensive stuff.

ok, that's all I can think of right now, I'm sure their will be more


Evangeline in her traditional Ethiopian dress.


Elysa said…
Tearing up over your post...those poor, poor street kids. Lord have mercy.

Oh...and Evangeline looks amazing in her dress!
Carey said…
Praying for your family through the adjustment period. Loving how excited Abel is to be home.

And yes, Evangeline looks like a princess!

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