Stuff Christians Like Book Club

I have decided to take a break from leading the Book Club at HPC for the spring, since we are about to bring Abel home and need time to get adjusted.

I was sad about it but I know it's the right decision. I also knew I would continue reading as always.

So needless to say I was very happy today to find The Stuff Christians Like Book Club.

The "Stuff Christians Like" blog is one of my all time favorites. Funny like nothing else! So, I knew immediately when I saw it, I wanted to be a part of his book club.

THEN he told what book they would be reading first...Crazy Loveby Francis Chan. I took that as a sigh from God because I have been wanting to read that book so bad!

So, check out the info below, and if you want to be a part, click on his site and start reading with us.

The Stuff Christians Like Book Club.
On Wednesday, January 14th, the Stuff Christians Like Book Club or SCLBC starts.

Every few weeks, I’ll post some ideas on a section of a book we’re reading and then we’ll all post comments to discuss what we liked or didn’t like. We’ll hold the SCLBC (which kind of sounds like something Snoop Dogg would be down with) on so as not to interrupt the Stuff Christians Like flow.

First book up, Crazy Loveby Francis Chan. There's still time to buy it on Amazonor a million other places and read the first chapters before next Wednesday.

My hope is that once this thing gets bigger than Oprah’s book club, which will probably take a week or two, we’ll be able to get the publisher to send us all free copies and maybe have the author join the conversation.

I’ll remind you again later, but let’s meet on on Wednesday, January 14th to talk about the first two chapters. If the first book goes well maybe we'll talk about doing chat down the road but for this first one let's keep it simple and stick to comments.

What do you think? Want to read a few books together this year? You in?


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