Saturday at the Dream Center

Some HPC servants stood on the corner of Foster and Winbourne handing out Sports drinks, Fruit bars and telling people about the Dream Center ...

While others worked in the boutique sorting and organizing the donated clothes...

And THEN a bunch of them helped unload beds donated to the BRDC from Coca Cola...

Six twin and double mattress sets, blankets, sheets and fluffy new pillows!

A bad leak in the roof of the Dream Center from Hurricane Gustav had allowed rain to come in a ruin over 20 beds that were used to house missions teams! SO, this donation was such a God thing!

Dean got Coca Cola to donate these beds.

That's why I love him!! and ALL the above is why I love my church, and serving at the BRDC.


Carey said…
You are such an inspiration to me, and your church is a model of what being Christ's hands and feet is all about. Thank you for the good example to all of us!
Don't know how we made it all over the blog, but it does warm my heart to see my kids get down & dirty for those in need. Thanks.

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