Mom in Ethiopia

Hey everyone this is Evangeline! My mom can twitter sometimes but she hasnt been able to get internet! So you can follow my moms twitter! The twitter updates are on the sidebar!


Anonymous said…
OH my!! Just reading the updates gives me the chills. I am so glad that you are FINALLY with him in the flesh!!!! Incredible! I can't wait to hear all about the trip! Prayers for all the IAG families there. Can't wait to see family photos in a couple weeks with everyone together at home.
Elysa said…
Thank God for twitter...and I mean that literally. I'm loving reading your mom's twitter updates.

Praying for you all who are back home waiting.

With love,
Elysa Mac in Mississippi
Anonymous said…
I love being able to read what is happening with y'all in Africa.
I can't wait til y'all get home safe. Of course, I worry, but the twitter helps. Love MOM
Elysa said…
I'm assuming they're on their way...flying back to the States now. Praying!

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