I can't wait...

To make Abel laugh.

Watch him sleep.

See him, Steele and Evangeline play together.

To fall in love with him.

To wonder how we ever lived without him here.

To fatten him up!

Watch him play baseball,

introduce him to my family, friends and church.

Watch him and Steele become brothers and best friends.

Listen to his memories of life in Ethiopia,

Comfort him when he cries.

Watch him grow up and fight off the girls, make friends and become the person God intended.

for Him to be grown and say "I love you mom and dad!"

And for the day when he realizes what this thing called living is for, Jesus. For him to fall in love with the one and only son of God that saves us all and begin to follow Him.

I can't wait.


HerstoryGirl said…
Me, either. :)
Anonymous said…
awesome... how exciting. love your heart for orphans. it's contagious.

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