Generational Roses

Young ladies hands with ribbon tied on their pinkies to remind them to pray for Midnight Outreach.

Tomorrow night a team of adult woman will go out looking for hurting and lost woman who need to be told they are special, they are loved, they have value. They will look in the streets, strip clubs, bars and seedy motels.

They do this once a month, it's called "Midnight Outreach".

Tonight several young ladies from Refuge and Pathfinders, the youth ministries of Healing Place Church, got together to put ribbons and cards on the roses that the team will hand to these hurting woman.

The girls then prayed over the roses, prayed for the team of ladies going out and the outreach.

They also tied a piece of ribbon on their pinkie fingers to wear till after the outreach tomorrow night to remind them to pray direction, protection and for Jesus to be made known through this ministry.

Usually the Rose prep and prayer is done by Summer Kelly's life group and the ladies of the Heart House. This is another way that people who may not feel comfortable going out on this outreach can still be apart of it.

Generational Roses, women reaching women...

We can all be a part.

Faithe Hardee and Victoria Kelly

Evangeline Turner and Caroline Boutte

Evangeline, Victoria, Caroline B, Jonas, Faith, Erin, Courtney, Karina, Taylor, Caroline L and Jocelyn.


HerstoryGirl said…
I really hate that I am going to miss it! I will be thinking of y'all & praying for you, too!
Can't wait for Valentine's Midnight Outreach!
Unknown said…
so cool :-) We do the same sort of thing at the Dream Center here in Atlanta. If you're ever down this way you should stop by :-)

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