This is Vince, Mark and Dean with some of the bouncers out side of the Top Ten bar on the North Side of Baton Rouge.

Tonight we gave out roses and chocolate at the usual places, strip clubs in Prairieville, Gold Club, Benny's Bar and here at the Top Ten Bar.

But this club wasn't even a stop a year ago. See one night we were driving by this very rough area, Alliece saw all the cars and people pouring out of the building and thought it would be a good place to stop. At first the bouncers wouldn't let us bring roses in to the girls so we just sent them in and gave the bouncers chocolates.

But the next time we came by one of the security Guards came out to see what was up with this huge Shuttle in the parking lot. He walked up to us and said "Ya'll the church that helped my family after the Hurricane", he teared up and thanked us and then said we could go on in.

Here we are several months later, and this is a regular stop. Vince is calling bouncers by name and telling them about church services. They all were more then happy to pose with our guys for the picture (I love how the one big guy has his elbow on Vince's head) and look at the guy in the middle, he's holding a flier for our Sunday service at the BRDC with Special Guest Art Moore.

As we were leaving they asked where we were going next and when we told them they gave us some parting advice "If you hear gunfire, duck!"

I love Midnight outreach!


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous.
Jessica said…
What a great idea! How do the women normally respond after you hand out the roses?

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