We girls here in America have the benefits of Feminine Hygiene products,

BUT in countries like Ethiopia, most of the woman don't have the money for such luxury items.

SO we are taking a bunch of Feminine Hygiene products over to the ladies that work in the Orphanages and guest house.

If you would like to donate pads of any size (no tampons) to these precious woman, you can give them to me at HP Woman next Monday night


bring them to my house,
17561 Nine Oaks Dr, Baton Rouge, LA, 70817

BEFORE Friday January 23rd, we leave on the 24th.

Thanks, Girls ROCK!!


Carey said…
That's a GREAT idea!!
Hi Carole! My name is Stacy Small and my blog is called Stacy From Louisville. Daphne gave me your blog information. I am trying to profile different ministries from all over the US to tell my readers how people are taking the Gospel to those Jesus calls "the least of these". Here's a link:
I am very interested in your outreach in strip clubs and to prostitutes in your area. I think my audience would love to hear about what you are doing. I know from reading your blog that you are busy now (congratulations!) so I will get some info from your site that details what you do and talk to you again. I'll be in touch!

(Next week I am profiling an organization in Indianapolis that ministers to homeless and runaway youth. I'll send you a link and that will really clarify what I'm doing)

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