44th president of the United States

Wendy brought me this shirt when she was in DC. Thanks Wendy!

Today is historic.

I am happy for all the little bi-racial children and black children that will be inspired to dream big today.

President Obama is not any one's savior. He will disappoint thous who think he is.

Jesus is the hope for the world. Jesus is the savior of the world. Jesus doesn't let us down. His will is perfect.

Obama is a man, with a job.

Today, he becomes the most powerful and influential man in the world. We must pray for him. Period.

Pray in love, not in fear, anger or condemnation but pray for him like he is our brother.


Anonymous said…
Obama was ordained by God to be the President at this time in the history of the world. We must pray for him everyday to be controlled by God's wisdom not his own.
daphne said…
Amen, Amen & Amen!
Anonymous said…
I agree. God is certainly in control.
Lana said…
Hi Carole, I commented several months ago. (I'm a CP in Indiana whose kids were inspired by E) Just wanted to encourage you that I'm sure I'm just one of many people, who have never met you personally,who will be praying for you, Dean, Abel, E & Steele, in the days to come. Also, got our curriculum for next month's Kids' Clubs--was blessed to see that we'll be focusing on Ethiopia! Be at peace. God is in control. Godspeed & Blessings!
Children's Pastor,
Bloomington, IN

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