Will I get to mark this off my bucket list...

"Work in an Orphanage in Africa"

That was number Three on my Bucket List.

When we go to get Abel at the end of January, we are working on going two days early and spending those days going to and working in different orphanage.

We have connected with Children's Hope Chest. There Red Letters Campaign finds sponsors for orphanages in countries like Ethiopia. Through sponsorship the children get food, clothing, education and a hope for the future. These orphanages are not homes that children are adopted out of so they are under funded and in desperate need of attention and someone (like a church or individual) to fund it.

I told the Special Projects Coordinator, Hannah, that we wanted to work, be useful, like we were on a missions trip. We would cook, do laundry, dig a ditch, whatever. She said more then likely the greatest need will be playing with the kids. We can do that.

ALSO, Dean is getting some really cool stuff from Coca Cola to bring to the kids. Like Coca Cola Pencils, T-shirts and other great stuff.

So, please pray that Gods will be done and if it is His will that we do this, He gives us all the wisdom to work out the details, like funds for the added days, drivers, open orphanages, connection with the kids and workers, etc.

For me, this would be a dream come true.


texasinafrica said…
Hey, Carole, thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed in your profile that you have a child with Type 1. I've been living with Type 1 for sixteen years and just wanted to encourage you on that. All things are possible, even with diabetes. Blessings to you and your family!

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