Today I became the mother of 3!

I got THE call at 11:13am..

Our third court date was scheduled for Monday Dec. 15th but it happened today and


We don't travel to get him until January 23rd but in the eyes of the Ethiopian government he is now our child!!!!

By the time we get him home it will be EXACTLY a year since we started this process.

His given Ethiopian name is Abel (pronounced Uh-bell).

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said…
Wishing you and yours much love, peace, and happiness!
I can hardly speak! Wow---this is such a great day. Do you understand how great God's timing is? I mean, it always is so good, so perfect, cannot wait for you to hold your baby boy!!!!
Anonymous said…
Welcome my new sweet grandson! Can't wait to meet you. Love GrandMa.
Anonymous said…
Welcome my new sweet grandson! Can't wait to meet you. Love GrandMa.
Anonymous said…
I am jumping up and down and crying with you! Thank You LORD! OH! It's official!!!! He is SUCH a beautiful boy! YAY! Now get packing! Love - Jen
Anonymous said…
Your posts about Abel have left me with tears a few times - The waiting can be excruciating. Today I have tears (Claire, too.) for a different reason! Congratulations Turners! He's a lucky boy.
Lana said…
Carole, saw the news this a.m. about snow in LA, and your family has been on my mind all day. Kept thinking, "I wonder if E & Steele have enough snow to play in? Too bad A isn't home yet, to join in the fun." Then, I checked your blog--HOT DOG & HALLELUJAH!! God is too, TOO good!!
Rejoicing with you,
Bloomington, IN
Lesley said…
Oh My God...

As I read your words, tears instantly poured from my eyes and I am still crying - happy, joyful tears. God is SO good. He is so faithful. Your faith and strength has been amazing to witness Carole. I truly do not have the words to express how happy I am for ALL of you... Merry Christmas - what a perfect, miraculous gift.
Melinda said…
Awesome, Awesome News Carole!!! Praise God your son if finally coming home!
Anonymous said…
sweet, beautiful boy. congrats. so amazing. shn
Anonymous said…
Oh Carole, my heart is bursting with joy for you. His pictures took my breath away...just awed by the fact that God chose your family just for him and him for you. Bless you.
~nicki o.
Connie Firmin said…
That is so awesome. Praise God! Just like God to give you a snowy celebration bonus too! : )
Tracy said…
Congratulations!!! Stumbled on here by accident to see your beautiful new son! Our gotcha day was 1/23/08 in ET! So happy for you!

How was the snow? My husband was supposed to travel to Baton Rouge today, but his flight was cancelled.

God Bless!
Archie Mck said…
Congratulations! So awesome, rejoicing with you guys!
Elysa said…
I am so very happy for you. Can't wait til you can legally plaster his photos all over the place!!!!

BTW, love the topper with you and Steele in front of the snow. :)

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