Signs and songs

This week has been so crazy with sign making for the HPC-BRDC Christmas outreach tomorrow. We had to make 18 signs!! But it's been fun and my Lil-E has really been a big help...

This is Steele and our dog Cleo posing with E and SOME of the signs she made for the Christmas outreach tomorrow at BRDC. I think her Popcorn sign is amazing. She did it all by herself! I told her she should sign the back, it's a master piece!

And Steele is quite the creative kid too..

This is a page out of E's notebook where she wrote down two songs Steele sang to her the other night as they were going to sleep...seriously amazing stuff!!!


Jesus goes in the sun,
and when it's dark he goes to bed.
He wakes up when the rooster crows,
he gets to play with his friends.
He gets to mow the grass.
He gets to go to Homeless breakfast.
Then he's tired so he takes a nap.


Sister you are red and blue,
Then the Angel came and turned you into purple.
Then a tiger came and scared you out of your house.
A snake came and bite you!
Then there was a big booger and an angel!


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