New Art

I painted this today.

I think it's like the fields ripe for harvest or a meadow with new green growth but then the red is the stripes and blood of Jesus.

What do you think?


HerstoryGirl said…
I LOVE this painting!!!!

Your Africa picture is still my favorite, but this is absolutely beautiful!
Anonymous said…
I love the picture! Where did you get the cool frame? That would look good in my house in North Carolina. I need a large painting for the big wall. Hint, Hint. I would like you to paint me something for N/C unless you want me to have this one. Love MOM
AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
love it!!!!!
Lesley said…
That is beautiful!! You are so talented :-)
Anonymous said…
We read about Abraham being called to sacrifice his son today... but an animal was provided..

That is what I think of with your SWEET painting.

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