Fun with Jr. High kids

Today we had our monthly reading outreach with the Pathfinders Junior High Ministry Life Group, Ever Present. But what was even cooler is they had this like Christmas Blitz thing for the entire Jr. High youth group so we had more kids there.

What I love about my church is that the first thing on the list for these Jr. Highers, after checking in is "Roselawn Outreach". A day of fun, movies, Bass pro shop, the Mall, is started off with and outreach to the poor area of town!

This was their Itinerary for the day..

Some of the Blitz kids helped me with the reading outreach and they made that beautiful sign for next Saturday's Christmas party at the BR Dream Center. And the rest of the kids went and handed out fliers inviting the community to the Christmas party where EVERY kid will get a free toy!

We went to pick up kids at the Alamo but none were there so we went to a few kids houses around the neighborhood to see of they wanted to come but none could. So we only had one child at the reading outreach today, Ebody, you can see her in the picture, on the left holding the sign. But it's about the ONE anyway, and this one child used to be a constant part of our lives, she played basketball last year and attended Friday Thrive with her mom but for the last 6 to 9 months I have not been able to get her to come to many things. Her mother had to go away for a while last summer and I think that really upset everything in her life. There's more to her story than I am free to share but I will just say God ordained today.

And in case you were wondering why there wasn't any kids at the Alamo Hotel well it's because the one family we knew that lived there finally got into a house! Yes this picture below is them with their new house. They moved in yesterday! Mrs. Ella wouldn't let the kids come to the reading time, I tried begging but she just didn't want them coming cuz' they have to help her with the babies (one baby is pictured but there was another one in the house).

Here are some more pictures from the day..

Charity and Paul, yes, she's pregnant. She heads up the BRDC street outreaches.

Lots of ladies in the van ready to hit the streets and hand out fliers..

Kayla Berger, Alliece Cole and Mark Berger listening to Charity give instructions to the group. BTW, Kayla and Mark are salt of the earth servants!!! They hit the streets a couple times a week in the BRDC area, leading teams to reach out into the community. Amazing people.

THE SERVE shirt and a Santa hat, what else do you need?

And this is PART of the Christmas Blitz group. What a team serving it up for Jesus!


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