Christmas for strippers and children..

Christmas gifts from HPC lining the dressing table at Kitten's strip club.

Friday night we went to decorate strippers dressing rooms at two local strip clubs! We brought them gifts, cookies, chocolates, and even toys for their kids!

Look close at this picture, on the mirror is pastor Dino's family Christmas card stuck just below the clubs new Pasties policy and right in between the words "Healing Place Loves YOU!!" written in lip stick!

Then today we had our big Christmas Outreach at the BRDC. It was fun, crazy, a lot of people got blessed, had fun and kids got toys!

Here are some pictures from today's Christmas Outreach..

Cookie decorating tent..

Yes, there was Karaoke..

Kids enjoying some free Chick Fil A..

BRDC Kids Christmas presentation for the crowd..

And the CROWD!

Great day, great weekend so far, and it continues tomorrow. THIS IS Christmas! Love it!


Anonymous said…
Love it, Love it, Love it.

I am spending serious time in prayer for your strip club, and the ones near me too.

You rock girl!
what a great day. i loved it!

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