The Boys of Baraka

I heard about this movie from Jason Kovacs on Twitter. Jason works for the Abba fund, which provided us with an interest free loan for our adoption of Steele and now also "A". When he told me what the movie was about I knew I had to see it. Now, I want everyone to see it.

The movie is about some Baltimore inner city teen boys who get to go to a boarding school in Kenya Africa. They are all at risk, live in awful situations, poor and around 12 or 13 years old.

For me, as someone who works in the inner city with kids around that age, it was just so encouraging. See, we give up way too soon. We start to wonder if we are doing any good. Can we make a difference with an after school program? Can we really be a buffer against everything their home lives and street lives call them to be? We start to grow weary when we don't see the results we would like or expect after so much time but the truth is, we haven't spent so much time. Our get-it-quick-drive-thru mentality has come to be applied to God as well. We expect Him to act on our time line not His. This movie encouraged me to stay the course. Pray for these kids, be a body, a consistent person that they see at after school, at church. Be someone their parents see at Thrive. Someone they know will love them unconditionally, hug them, encourage them, believe in them and also give them groceries, help with a school project, give them school uniforms and supplies. And someone that will help their moms, grandmothers and dads to see their way out of the hopelessness.

Please watch this movie. Please go volunteer at ASAP, we need tutors Tuesday-Thursday between 3pm and 5pm or volunteer at a school related program for inner city children in your area. Take one day a week to spend with an at risk inner city child. Invest in them, encourage them, mentor them. Be that somebody, that person that lets them know they can hope, they can dream and see their dreams happen. They not only can beat the odds but change the odds.

You can be a part of changing a child's future.

This is a clip from the movie. I love what Richard says around 1.49 minutes about not giving up. Love it.

If you watch the DVD make sure to watch the Bill Cosby interview that's on there also. Very good!!


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