Bucket List

I got this idea from the movie the Bucket List and Whittaker Woman's blog.

This is my list of thing I have always wanted to do/accomplish before I die.

Write a book.
See Pat Benatar in concert (DONE- April 1998).
Work in an Orphanage in Africa.
Write a song and have it published.
See Randy Travis in Concert (DONE- February 1995).
Parent at least 4 children.
Give a public speech.
See Sheryl Crow in Concert.
Have an Ale at the Bird and Baby Pub in Oxford England.
Take a Lord of the Rings tour of New Zealand.
Go to Oxford and see where CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien taught.
Go to Washington DC.
Run for office.
See John Mayer in concert (DONE- January 2006)
See Dwight Yokum in concert.
Do volunteer work in the Inner-city (presently doing that).
Help MANY orphans find a home (Presently working on this one).
Sing on stage (currently doing that).
Be a nice, patient person.
Raise kids that know and love God.
Be a great wife.
Do everything God intended me to do.

Ya'll chime in with yours on your blogs or in the comments.


Carole Turner said…
You have done the great wife one about a hundred times and are still doing it today
(Shes The Beeest)

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