Happy birthday E!



Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Evangeline! I was there when you came into this world. Honey and Dalton were there as well! What a night. Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Evangeline!!!

--Nadia =)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Evangeline!!! You are a wonderful girl! I hope you are having a really fun day!
Ammye Evangeline
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday E! Hope you had a great day! Natasha =D
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday our beautiful Grandaughter. We Love you so much.
Love GranPa & GranMa Baloo.

P.S. Only 7 days until we see you!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Karen. That was quite a night. Lots of prayers went up that night. God has great things in store for our Miss E.
Love GrandMa

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