The Wardrobe and the White Tree Painted Effects

I've decided to pimp my skills for some income. I will paint just about anything and I have at least 15 years of experience doing just that. From exteriors and interiors of homes to plastic patio furniture, there's nothing I wont paint. I figure this would be a good way to supplement our income since we are going to have another child soon, and also be able to do a lot of the work from home. So let me know if you need something painted. I have references and I will be happy to give you a quote.

Here's just a few things I have painted in the past.

An entry way table that was a total 80's maple "look" but had lots of press and particle board sections. I gave it an elegant antique look with soft shades of green, yellow and white topped with a golden glaze and then sanded around the edges. This piece sits in the Schaffer home to this day and adds a very royal-shabby-chic feel to the room.

From the walls to the furniture, I painted them all in Evangeline's room. This was just the first of many different looks for her room.

This was Lorri's house in Central. Her walls had been a pale yellow and her cabinets a very dark out of date wood. I painted the walls, the pear picture and her cabinets. The cabinets are antiqued and I wish these pictures were clearer cuz they were so fantastic.

This is a table and chairs that did not go together but I made them match by painting them in fun "House of Blues" inspired flair.

If you would like to see more, check out my gallery at;


Unknown said…
you go girl!! I think you should have done this 10 years ago!! LOL Do you ship? Love ya!

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