unmedicated Childbirth while getting a root canal..

..Our final is tonight. I wasn't even going to study at all because I so detest studying. People get freaky weird and intense about it and that is why I try my best to run as far and as fast in the opposite direction BUT I am studying only so I don't fail Elevate.

I am also leaving for the Dream Center shortly, I refuse to let this test take over my life.

I am not a good student.

Exam venting over...see you on the flip side.


HerstoryGirl said…
To whom are you referring????

I don't get all crazy and weird (I've always been this way).
But I figure if God has granted me this opportunity, and I have paid all this money to go to Elevate, and I am taking time away from my husband and children to attend the classes and serve, then the least I can do is give it my best. There is no shame in that.

You've done great, Carole. Just hang on a little longer... (like 5 more hours)

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