Morning reflections

I'm drinking some Fair Trade coffee from Wal Mart, it's not bad, but it's not Community. I Love to buy the Community Dark Roast BEANS, not ground, makes all the difference. Community IS Fair Trade..

ok, I wont start the speech, but just buy fair trade when you can.

My kitchen cabinets will never be done. It's like the HPC Arena, always a work in progress that I feel I will never see then end of. BUT nonetheless, I will paint, I am committed now, can't leave them half painted.

Elevate is almost over. Our final exam is next week, graduation on May 25th, then I am having some wine and getting a tattoo to celebrate!! Just kidding....about the tattoo ;-O.

I haven't been posting much lately cuz I know you are all getting tired of AIDS, Orphans and Adoption stuff but honestly, that is just about all I want to write about these days. I get so heavy with longing for A to get here. I watch the video and it really just kills me. I know God does miracles, I keep believing for June, seems impossible from money to paperwork, for it to be done by then, but He can do it and I know that.

So, everyone have a great day. Life is good because He is good and He is all we need.


Lesley said…
Hey Carole!

As a faithful reader of your blog, I for one can say that I never get tired of hearing about Abel, AIDS, Africa, Orphans and Adoption. That is what God has put on your heart and I am thankful that you share it with us. Just think, there may be someone out there who is "on the fence" about adoption, or about helping with the crisis in Africa. Maybe reading your blog will give them the courage and the final nudge they need to follow through on their calling. And, either way ... your blog is a place for you to put your thoughts and feelings down... a release so to speak. The bottom line is that your blog isn't here for our entertainment... its a diary of your life. And all of those things ARE your life!!

I can't believe you are almost done with Elevate!! Look how far you have come :-) You completed Elevate, homeschooled your wonderful kids, sang in the choir, worked on a completely overwhelming international adoption, and volunteered and worked outreaches with such passion... not to mention having a major surgery!! To me, you should be very proud of yourself!!!! I surely am proud of you :-)

I'm envious of you in a way, to follow through on what has been put on your heart. My prayer for you today is that everything goes smoothly with the rest of the adoption paperwork and that Abel will be HOME by June and that you do well on your Elevate Final!

Keep up the awesome job Carole... you are making God SO proud!!!
Anonymous said…
I, unlike Lesley, expect to be entertained by you. I need to see some gold boots or hear about a trip to the mall or somethin'! You know I'm joking, but I can understand the one track mind you've been on. Pretty soon we'll get to see some pictures of Abel. I can't wait for that. Oh, and I like your haircut. When are yall leaving in June? I'm coming around the 6th through about the 12th or around that. Not exactly sure.

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