Midnight outreach

Or should I say "man-night' outreach cuz' it was just me and Charity and six guys? So, needless to say there was a whole different feel to the flow of the evening.

First off, one strip club was closed and the other wouldn't even let us in due to a recent strip club bust so we left all the great mothers day gifts and roses with the bouncers to give to the ladies.

Then we headed to the streets with a Cam-bro FULL of Jambalaya...

Notice Craig and Paul dishing it up right there in the Shuttle.

The guys handed out Jambalaya to motel clerks, homeless guys, Benny's Bar patrons, strip club bouncers and a few drunk good ol boys coming out of the Gold Club. THEN we hit the Alamo. We got to pray with some ladies there, hand out Pamper night and Church service fliers and of course more Jambalaya.

This is the door to the lobby of the Alamo Hotel. That green sign is one of the fabulous new "pick up location" signs that Vince had made up for Sunday services at Winborne. (notice the "Children not allowed in Ice box" sign above it)

We also drove through the parking lot of the MLK convention center on Gus Young, lots of people were outside cuz' there was a birthday party going on inside. We visited with the people there for a little bit, many said they were going to come to Pamper night and to Sunday service. Very nice group of people.

We ran out of Mothers day gifts, Jambalaya and chocolates but as we drove down Plank road, Charity saw a lady walking alone down a dark side street. We pulled in and Charity and I got out to give her the last rose. We prayed with her and told her about Sunday service. She said she would be ready to go Sunday morning. As she walked away she wiped tears from her eyes.

So, Midnight outreach looked a little different but it was how God wanted it and it was good.


I love the tears. Many times I leave a situation and think "Man, I didn't do that very well" and God shows me tears, to show me that it doesnt matter how well I do it, but rather, how well He does it!
HerstoryGirl said…
Amen, Jennifer!

Carole, I SOOOO wish I could have been there with you guys!

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