Fire in my heart

Last night Refuge, the youth ministry of Healing Place Church "adopted"the cause of our little A. I can't go into all the details, ask me about it if you see me, but lets just say that when he gets here,Refuge will know they helped that happen. They will get to meet him, high five him, kiss him, watch him grow up and know that because of their actions he is no longer an orphan but a son.

I really wish I could remember what all Jason said last night. It was just so amazing. He gets it. Him and his wife Jennifer, they get it. Tori, Sarah, Leah, Trice, they all get it. They know in their hearts that this is not just one of millions of Orphans but this is an Orphan who will no longer be just another Orphan. They know that it all starts with one. They know that if we don't rescue the Orphans, then we are not being the hands and feet of Jesus. They get it. So do many others. I am just mentioning these young people because they are just some of the leaders of the next generation that will bring others with them where ever they go and if they get it, then it will spread, thank you Jesus.

I will be glad when he is home and all the legal stuff is done so that I can post everything I want to here on the blog. I sit here not even knowing how to express my gratitude to everyone, young and old, that has embraced the cause of this little boy. I see many faces, and I just so appreciate you all. There is still far to go but we are over half way there, I still believe he will be home by the end of June. Your prayers are felt and needed.Thank you.


Lesley said…
That is so powerful Carole. Wow. Thank God for Refuge, what a huge blessing for all of you.

We have Abel's picture collage hanging on our fridge and I explained to Lane (and all of the other kids that are always here) about y'all adopting Abel. He is so excited and said that he hopes they can play together since they are close in age.

You and your family are so inspiring to me. Your faith and dedication to our Father and His word leave me almost speechless.

Every orphan who gets adopted is blessed, but I truly feel in my heart that Abel is being blessed beyond belief since he is being adopted by you and your family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to walk this journey with you. I can not wait to hug Abel!!!!

Lesley :-)

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