The Plight of Orphans in Africa

When I was 19 years old God called me to Orphans. At the time it manifested in the form of the pro-life movement. I was an active, vocal, involved participant in Operation Rescue and I spent years trying to reach women outside of abortion clinics. I was also arrested 3 times due to my activity. It was also around this time that I first really read Matthew 25. I remember thinking "I don't do any of these things that Jesus say we are to do".

In 1990 I read an article in LIFE magazine about a single 27 year old nurse who was taking in children with AIDS. At the time it was a new issue, children becoming HIV positive. This lady knew the children would die soon after she took them in (there were no real treatments then) but she also knew she had to love them until they died. I remember thinking how I wished I could do that . It broke my heart and I never forgot that story.

At the time, Americans had no idea what AIDS was doing in Africa or would do there. We were all thinking it was a gay persons disease. Christians were calling it Gods wrath on sinful deviant man. We were very busy being against everything but we were not busy visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, taking care of Orphans. Sure, some were, they were the stars of the faith like Mother Theressa and the millions of unnamed saints that serve around the world. But the American church as a whole was absent.

AIDS changed all that. AIDS has created 15 million Orphans world wide. 12 Million of them live in Sub Saharan Africa. An area of the world that has just over 10% of the worlds population. 2 out of 3 people there are under the age of 25. The stats alone show that the parents are gone. Missionaries on the ground there see first hand that the country is FULL of children. Eight year old head of households. Teens that have never been parented. The very old and the very young populate Africa. THIS is a huge issue for all of us. These children are the future government leaders, workers, of that area. Without parents they are not guided and taught so how will they know how to function in society?

I believe that is why this generation has had an awaking to social needs. Everywhere you look, there is a campaign for a cause. The church is finally leading the charge. And I believe it's just in time. God is bracing them for a world that will look totally different then that of their parents.

Someone has to take care of these 12 million Orphans. Yes, I said "has to". 12 million kids raising themselves, parenting themselves, no real direction, can only lead to chaos and to a society with no ability to work with others.Complete anarchy and destruction of a society is the only thing that can result from a generation of parent-less citizens. Think about it.

So, that is why God is calling 16, 17, 22 year olds to the cause of AIDS and Orphans. I believe personally that is why so many young women have closed wombs, God wants them to adopt and take care of these children. God has opened our eyes to a huge need. For people like me, it's about being an example, educating the next generation about Orphans, AIDS and allowing them to find their role in taking care of a generation of lost children.

I know this all sounds heavy and dooms day-ish, it's not. It is a call to be salt, to be light. We are now at a place in time, like the Holocaust, will we act? Will be be the remedy or will we sit by and let people die. I do not believe we will.

I hear the cry of a holy generation, asking God for the nations, counting the coast, willing to lay it all down to answer His call.


HerstoryGirl said…
Quite possibly the BEST post you have ever written. Thank you for that. We should ALL be stirred...

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