Who's on the money?

Every day when the A.S.A.P. kids arrive and sign in, they get some "ASAP Money", five dollars, to shop at the ASAP store at the end of the week.

They use to get 5 of these...

But that was a lot of money to be printed on pink, blue, green, orange and red paper.

So now..

They get 1 of these...

Yes, I added MUCHO hair to both of these guys. Can you guess who they are? I will give you a hint, One is employed by HPC the other is not but both are major players in the after school world.

(My niece Candice would be so proud of my "paint" skills that she taught me. These bills would not have been possible without her amazing abilities that she so graciously taught me, so props to ya' Maximus :-)

(To all of you readers that do not live in Baton Rouge, I know your feeling left out right now, very sorry)


Anonymous said…
Carole, Is that real money you are copying? I think that is against the law.
leah said…
that is too easy, ill let somebody else guess
Carole Turner said…
I got both the one and the five from a Google search, just changed the faces.

I heard it was illegal, hopefully the feds will take down the million other copies of money on the web before they come after me :-)
Anonymous said…
Hey! I forgot to put my name on the post from anonymous, but I bet you can guess who I am.
Anonymous said…
the first one is craig boutte and the second is my friend, corey teem! so do i win a million dollars for getting it right? haha! :)

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