Where your treasure is...

I have MANY friends that set the bar in giving. One family, they wont let me tell you who they are but they live on very little of their income, shop at thrift stores and I'm pretty sure they give away more money then we even make. They are just one couple that God has used to convict and help transform Dean and I. I want to be more like them in so many ways.

The other day Evangeline and I were talking about how we don't get to eat out as much, go to the movies, or go shopping like we used to. I told her that I could put Steele in day care, her back in public school, and in after care and I could go back to work.But then we would also have to stop volunteering at After school, she wouldn't be able to do Homeless outreach or Volunteer at the Dream Center on Fridays and we would probably be too tired or have to much homework to do much volunteering at night. Yea, like it was before when I worked outside the home.

She immediately said she did not want to go back to that even if it meant being able to shop more, go to more movies and out to eat all the time. She said she never wanted to stop going to Homeless outreach and to the Dream Center on Fridays. I couldn't agree more. We know THIS is what we are all meant to do.

It's weird when your values change. Now, I just don't value what I used to. I pray I never do again. I pray my kids love the poor way more and things way less then I. I pray they always want to help Orphans, the needy, the hungry. I pray they always live in the give and not in the hoard, the take, the "me".


Anonymous said…
i know this has nothing to do with your very well-stated post that this comment is associated with - but i just want to say i REALLY like the new look for your blog.

nicely done.
Carole Turner said…
Tks. I was looking at it thinking it should be Children's Cups blog not mine by the way it looks ;-o

I e-mailed Mr. Fine to ask if it was ok to use his collage, haven't heard back from him yet...

I did my myspce with it too.
Lesley said…
Awesome post! We were out at the HPAC today and I saw E out there walking around selling some jambalaya or something like that!! She is such a beautiful little girl and her sweet, loving spirit just seems to ooze out of her! You are blessed girl!

Lesley :-)
Wade Hinton said…
One of the most ignored commands of Christ in the church today... "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth." I think Jesus really meant that. So why are we CONSUMED with materialism, bigger better houses, bigger better cars, bigger better church buildings, the latest high-dollar fashions, etc?? I may be wrong, but sounds like treasures to me.

Carole, you would LOVE Tim Keller's sermons on Social Justice, Radical generosity, and any of the stuff he has on money and possessions. Check them out. There's a link from my blog to his site. Also quite a bit of free stuff out there by him.

This post really resonates with Truth. Good stuff! Just be careful to not be proud of yourself:) THE great sin.
Carole Turner said…
yea, pride is the big one.

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