Shop with a Conscience

I LOVE this site. I found it through Church Marketing Sucks and Monday Morning Insight.

You know I am all about the Fare Trade, no sweat shop stuff but until now, I didn't know who sold what, now, thanks to this site, I do know...

"The working conditions we highlight in the Hall of Shame exemplify the types of violations that are rampant within the apparel industry, as well as other labor-intensive industries such as laundries and toys. Because Gap is now working actively with human rights groups in India to address the problem of child labor and sweatshops, we have not included Gap in the Hall of Shame. Instead, we have turned the spotlight on companies that have failed to take any meaningful steps towards addressing labor violations even after workers themselves have organized and demanded decent working conditions.

For 2008, the official inductees of the Sweatshop Hall of Shame are:

American Eagle, Carrefour, Cintas, Dickies, Disney, Guess, Hanes, New Era, Speedo, Tommy Hilfiger, Toys “R” Us, and Wal-Mart. "

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Lesley said…
Oh my gosh!!

I am now more ashamed than ever to say that I worked very briefly (around 6 months) for Cintas!! I don't know how they treat their employees outside of this country, but it was no walk in the park here in Baton Rouge. I do know this much without doing any researcy, they pay peanuts... thats for sure. I will be looking into their violations, trust me. I feel horrible now :-(

Thank God I now work at home babysitting my friend's kids...

Thanks Carole for keeping us informed!! You rock!

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