Saturday @ Dixie Landing

Every year Coca Cola host a family picnic at Dixie Landing Amusement park. We always take Nicole Gardana, It's just a tradition now.

This year I thought a lot about A. How I hope he will like this pic nic next year.

Here are some pics from the day.

The family at Dixie Landing

Nicole and E showing off their face painting...

Steele driving the car..

Dena looking WAY HOT by the pirate..

Steele licking a diet coke can.


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful family!
Anonymous said…
Dena, HA HA!!
Anonymous said…
Y'all look you had such a good time! And I'm lovin' Steele with that Diet Coke - I still do that sometimes, haha. I miss Diet Coke SOOOO badly! xx

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