ONE Dead protocal, bureaucratic, paperwork Lion

Yesterday I mailed off my Dossier to the adoption agency along with six copies, two powers of attorneys, one with the Secretary of State authentication, and one Fed Ex account permission. I also sent off for my passport.

This my friend is huge for me. Protocal, paperwork, detailed instructions, institutionalized bureaucracy, whatever you want to call all that has always been a big- scary- terrorizing- run far away- from Lion to me. AND I have to do all of Dean's stuff too cuz' you know, I am not working out side the home, he is so I get to do all this kind of stuff for the both of us.

I actually remember thinking many times, "I could never do a foreign adoption, too much work!"

I take no credit on myself, believe me, everyday, every step, I have had help, otherwise, I would not have done it. I can't tell you how many times I have prayed "God please help me. I can't even move, I am stuck in fear and in being overwhelmed by all of this."

When I sent that stuff off yesterday, I felt like I just chased a huge Lion down into a deep pit and killed him (if you have not read Mark Batterson's book, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day you may not get the reference but you should read the book because it is great).

I mean think about it, I had to get arrested for unpaid traffic fines, expired tags, expired drivers license, and expired inspection sticker before I would get serious and start keeping all that current! Obviously that stuff is a huge life long struggle for me. But now, I feel like a grown up. A Lion slaying grown up ONLY because HE is my source and strength.

So, now on to the next phase of this process. We still have a huge hurdle in front of us that I know God will meet in the perfect time. And a few small hurdles like Dean getting his passport, the lovely I600A that we still have not been able to apply for and time. They are saying now that it will be end of June at the earliest, but more then likely it will be August. That means A will have been in the Orphanage for more then a year and he will technically turn eight because they are saying he was seven when he entered the orphanage last May. That makes me sad.

BUT, God's timing is PERFECT and for now I will be glad for a paperwork pit, a slain lion and another day to give chase to yet another lion.

II Samuel 23:20-21


Anonymous said…
Keep your chin up. It is all going to work out like it's suppose to.
I love you. Love MOM
Brian Lucio said…
How amazing! You will get it all done and Abel will come home! Just think how he will feel when knows all the lions you have slayed for him!!!!! He will forget all about the year he spent there after just a few days thriving in the love of his god given family!
Carole!!!!! You are doing awesome! One paper at a time, one step at a time, one call at a time, and Praise Him all the way through it because GOD IS DOING SOMETHING SPECTACULAR BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!!!!! Praise God!!!!!

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