The Lil Stinky E experience

We are all learning a lot from this Lil Stinky E experience. Last night someone told E that what she is doing is like fasting. None of us had ever considered that, but it's a very cool thought.

Last Wednesday at Pathfinders Tyler talked about Abraham and Issac. E told him afterward it was kinda like what she was doing, sacrificing being clean, having clean hair, germ-a-Phoebe friends, the feel of a nice hot shower, sacrificing all because you know God will supply and honor your heart.

This weekend all she talked about was the homeless people who would have to move their camps this week due to the Mississippi rising. She even e-mailed Frank and Vince and Called Mrs. Susan to see if she could go check on them. They all assured her that the homeless people would just move to higher ground.

I love that at age 11, she doesn't think to judge the homeless. She doesn't look at them and ask "why", she just does what Jesus said in Matthew 25. I pray she draws from that when she is an adult, tainted by the hard realities of life and work, bills and car payments. I know THIS time is for THAT time as much as it is for now because she will never look at the homeless the same again.

Sure, she is like a celebrity to a lot of her friends and @ HPC but it is still difficult. But when I say "difficult" I mean the kind of difficult that changes you FOREVER. Like sleeping in a box at Displace Me, getting arrested for handcuffing yourself to an abortion clinic door, going on a missions trip, holding an AIDS orphan, etc. Difficult but wonderful at the same time because it catapults you to the next level and you are never the same again.

So, it's ALL good. She really is having such an amazing experience and she is also a part of something that others are getting to experience. I love how God uses different experiences in layers. What we thought was just a fund raiser is really so much more.


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