from the Alamo to HPC

Dean drove the HPC shuttle into the Alamo Hotel parking lot, Vince got out and started knocking on doors, he would knock then say out loud " Healing Place", wait for a few seconds for someone to answer, then move on to the next door. Finally one of the doors opened just as Vince was walking away. A man walked out, Vince asked him if he wanted to go to church, the man said yes, just give him a minute to get dressed. A few minutes later the man came out in sunglasses and dressed completely like a woman.

He got on the shuttle.

He was the only person picked up this morning at the Alamo.

He sat listening intently to the sermon about the woman at the well.

He enjoyed the service and said he would come again next Sunday if the shuttle picked him up.

I saw him when he first walked into the service from the shuttle. I knew immediately that he was a man even though he was dressed like a woman. As we started worship I looked out over the crowd and spotted him. I thought how great it was that he came. A lot of the people from the area came, I am guessing about 50-75 people. But this man, who couldn't even take his sunglasses off during the service, who was dressed like a woman and lived in a hotel that is known for prostitution and drugs, he was here. That lost person that just needed to be asked, given a ride and told he was not below anyone, God loved him just like everyone else. Even if he had been the only person at church today, then the church served it's purpose, the church had reached out to the "one" lost sheep.

That is why we are at Winborne.

What a wonderful day! Really, what and amazing, wonderful day!


i missed you at Highland...we were short on the soprano side.
HerstoryGirl said…
Oh, I WISH I could have been there!!
It sounds like it was wonderful.
I really wanted to see Ms. Wanda and Ms. Gertrude and Ms. Augustine all dressed to the nines...
This gave me chills!!!!! Praise God for the ones who reach out to the lonely!! for the ones who run this race with all they have!! for the ones who care about others!! Thank God for you and Dean!
Tymm said…
now that is just cool. God bless you guys...

And thanks for the kind words the other day on our blog - those words always help...

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