Dream Center Church Service-Pre Launch meeting

Last night a bunch of us met at Winborne for a pre-launch meeting. This Sunday will be the first weekend service there at HPC's new campus.

It's very exciting really. I mean how cool is it that a baptist church in the inner city, with facilities to house the needy, cook, do outreach, would ask us to partner with them for the sole purpose of reaching that community for Jesus? It just doesn't happen but it did and now here we are, about to have the first HPC service there this Sunday. Yes, the baptist congregation still meets there too. They still have around 30 people that attend and they will have their service @10am, ours will be at 12noon.

Last nights meeting was great. We took communion together, prayed for the area and laid hands on Rachael and Adam and prayed for them. I really like them both. Adam is so humble and such a servant, him and Rachael both just have that Jesus look about them. I am so happy we get to serve under such Jesus Style people.

This morning I went back and found my first ever post about the Dream Center, it was in October 2006. The outreach then was called ICU (for Inner City Unit). And of course I started reading all the post from back then. This post is about the first big outreach at the Dream Center, Thanksgiving 2006, when we were still only at the Roselawn location, (if you want to take a trip down the Dream Center memory lane too just click on Dream Center in my side bar and you can see all the post)

Please pray for "The Dream Team" that is what I call Adam, Rachael, Craig, Charity, Paul, Donna and Alliece. They run the show down there at the Dream Center and ALL of them are Jesus Style leaders. We are blessed to have them. I can't even begin to tell you all I have learned form them and will learn from them. They need our prayers as we all step into this next phase of reaching that area.

Johnny Green said last night how his father in-law has been serving in that area for years and he would take Johnny driving around and say "this used to be a nice neighborhood...that store was such a family store...that park was where we used to take the kids.." stuff like that because the area has become so bad over the last 20 years. Johnny said he sees us, in 10 years taking people around and saying "see that park? it used to be where drug dealers dealt to kids.. see that school? that used to be a really bad school..see that neighborhood? That used to be a really bad neighborhood." I believe that too.

I still can't believe we get to be apart of this. God is Good.


Anonymous said…
My grandparents, Papa Toon and Mama Toon, bought their first house on Eleanor Drive. Mama and Nanny grew up in that neighborhood. You should see the pictures of that area in the 40's and 50's. When I was little we always went to Howell Park. Is it still called that? The area started changing in the 70's. It's exciting what yall are doing.
That's good! That's real good!

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