Dialoge with God and then with Dean

8:05am Stuck in New Orleans traffic on our way to submit our I600A immigration form for Abel's adoption. Our appointment was for 8:15am, we are not far but the traffic is literally sitting, not moving. Looks very likely that we will be late for our appointment with Immigration.

I pray..

"Jesus please get us there on time."

I hear doubt say "yea, so like that wreck or whatever is just going to move out of the way so you can get there on time?"

Then I hear Jesus challenge "what? you doubt that I can handle traffic now?"

then I answer in my head "your right you can make whatever needs to happen happen."

So I pray..

"God please just clear up this traffic. Please get us there on time"

I keep praying as the car sits and crawls.

I hear the Holy spirit say, "how bad do you want this? What will you act like if you don't make it on time? You know they will not take you late, it's very clear on your Info Pass, you will have to reschedule if you are late. How will you react if that is the case?"

I say in my head, "I will not freak out, I will know there was a reason. We will come back, I will not get angry and aggravated,this will not knock us down."

We made it there on time. Thank you Jesus.

Later after our successful trip to immigration, we are driving back home to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. I was telling Dean about Delynns sermon last night, she talked about being teachable, taking correction well, stuff like that.

I ask Dean, "do I react well to correction?"

"NO" Dean says.

"I don't really?"

"No, you don't."

I sigh and give him that "WHAT?" face.

"Did you want me to lie to you or tell you the truth?" He says very calm and matter of fact.

Victories over self, and then discoveries of more self that needs to be defeated...

Such is life.

It was a good day and I thank God for every minute of it.

Keep on keepin on.


Anonymous said…
You are a mighty woman of God and I am sure He is delighted with you!

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