Crazy Days

Sorry I haven't posted since Tuesday. Yea, it was weird for me not to post anything yesterday.


Wednesday was good. Tuesday was emotional and good.

Let me explain.

See, there is a lot that I can't talk about here on the WORLD WIDE WEB as far as the adoption goes. But right now, that is what we are consummed with. There are laws that prevent me from being able to really flesh all this out over my online journal. And that's hard for me. I like to put it all out there for the wolves and the friends alike but I can't. So, let's just say Tuesday lit a fire under my butt, I saw yet another miracle and we are getting closer every day to having A home.

I always talk about the tear hump. How once I cross it, look out cuz' it's hard for me to stop crying. I am not complaining about it. I am a firm believer in tears. I felt better after I spent the afternoon crying and God used it to get me back to the faith place.

The bottom line for everything is that He is in control. He works it out ALWAYS!!!! I saw it Tuesday, I have seen it hundreds of times. He loves to work in the impossible. He loves to show the nay-sayers, the doubters, the ones that say "are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure this is the right thing? How are you going to be able to do this?" He loves to show them HIS glory through the miracles he does in our lives.

So, life is good, really good, for many reasons but for no other reason then that HE is good and that's all we need.


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