Africa Returned

We had Elevate at Pastor Dino and Delynn's house tonight. At the end of the evening they surprised me by telling me that someone had bought my painting last night at the Art sale and then gave it back to me.

Thank you whoever you are. You blessed the Elevate missions trips with support and you blessed me by giving me back the painting of Africa.

I am crying right now, because now our new son, A WILL get to see this painting of where he is from. He will know this story. I will tell him of what you did.

Thank you friend.

Thank you Jesus.


Anonymous said…
First off that is Awesome!!! Second, you are the fastest blogger I know. You posted this blog before I even got home from your house last night!! That's like 10 minutes!!
Here's to the worlds fastest blogger!! :)
Anonymous said…
You don't know how much I needed to read this entry today! I mean, I REALLY needed to hear this.
Lesley said…
Oh my gosh!! Several blessings all wrapped up together! God is so good! I'm happy for all of you!

I am so crying right now! God is AWESOME!!!!
Anonymous said…
Very nice. I'm so glad Abel will get to see this painting in his home.

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