Adoption Update

Well, we have until the 15th to have our Dossier to the agency and it looks like we will make that deadline for sure.

The agency is saying that we could travel to get A anytime between June and August. I REALLY want it to be June but God knows.

We will travel with three other families who are all getting their children from the same Foster home as A.

God is really helping me not to start grabbing stuff away from him, I tend to do that. But I know I have to trust Him for every step of this adoption, His timing is perfect and everything we need will happen as it should.

I talked today with a family that are from Ethiopia. They told me that they meet with other Ethiopians every couple of months and that when A gets her we can start attending their gatherings if we like.

We got a bag of boys size 6-7 clothes from Toby and Gena Bohl last week, which was way cool. This morning before church Steele picked up a shirt out of the bag and said "A can wear this to church today." I said "no baby, A isn't here yet but he can when he gets here." and then he said, "yea, A can wear this shirt to church when he gets here."

We are all looking forward to when he is home.


Unknown said…
I soooo need to twitted..Looks addicting

THanks for the updates.I am a frequent reader but dont comment enough. What a great blog. Im so excited to read about Abel.

We have friends here in Atlanta adopting from Ethiopia and they have been such a blessing to me!

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