Adopting and Orphan Q&A

Question: Why are you adopting from Africa when there are Orphans in America?

Answer: We feel that every christian should either adopt or help facilitate the care and nurturing of all Orphans as God commands in James 1:27, either by sponsoring a child, funding a group home, mentoring, adoption financing, etc. and we feel like we ourselves, should adopt from Africa because God has given us a specific love for that area and the children of that Continent. We love American Orphans. We help American orphans and we have adopted and American orphan. But the truth is, like Evangeline so eloquently told someone, Orphans in America have access to clean water, they have access to electricity, health care, shelter, education. Orphaned children in places like Africa, Honduras, Haiti, China, South America, they do not. BUT I do believe we still have a strong responsibility to American Orphans. Read this article, which I posted a while back.

Question: You can hardly afford to pay your bills, how can you afford to bring another child into your home?

Answer: We have food, shelter, clothing, fun, health, laughter, love. We lack for NOTHING ever!! We not only CAN afford to bring another child into our home but we can't afford NOT to! That is the problem with the American church today, that is why there are so many orphans in the world and in America, because we are too concerned with self, hoarding, the American dream of big houses, fancy cars and cushy retirement plans that we are letting children live without parents, age out of the foster system into a life of crime and/or abuse or letting them die of AIDS, parasites from unclean water or starvation while we worry about when we can buy our next bigger house. AGAIN, we lack for nothing and we will help the Orphans because it only makes our life better not worse.

Question: What about the kids you have? Shouldn't you focus on taking care of them, giving them a good life?

Answer: yes they should have a good life, one of adventure, excitement, peace, love, relationship, health, all of which is nurtured in a home that shares the love, not devours the love. My kids have great lives. They are happy and full and they lack for nothing. They want to adopt and give a home to a child that does not have a home because they know they are blessed and a good life is found in sharing our blessings.

Anymore Questions? Seriously, ask me a question, I will try to answer it. You can post anonymously if you want.


Wade Hinton said…
Are these real questions that you've been asked?

Interesting questions.

In reference to question 3... Even if our children have to "suffer" for the welfare of others, I think that's pretty God-like. Look at what he did to his only son for others.

I think it's safe to say that any church that isn't participating in the care of orphans in some way is really dropping the ball.

Carole Turner said…
yea, these are the nice questions. We get so much support but there are the few that question our decision to adopt.

Gods just using it all to teach me and make me grow so it's all good.

When they meet Abel, they will see he is a person not a situation to be negative about but a child, our child, just like the others.

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