A may be 8yrs old now

According to the records that the orphanage received when he was dropped off there, his birthday is April 29th, so today he turns 8.

They don't celebrate birthdays or acknowledge them over there but we are thinking about him today.

I think about him in just about every scenario. Evangeline and Steele talk about him ALL THE TIME. Steele is constantly saying " I want to Adopt A..When is A gonna be here...A can sleep in the top bunk, etc"

I tear up at a Kids Camp video, thinking about how he will get to go to that next year. I drift off in day dream thinking about what he is doing at that very second. Is he healthy? Is he loved? Will it be so sad and painful for him to leave the ladies that have cared for him for so long? Wendy made me cry yesterday because she posted a prayer request for us to get the I600A back by June 1st and every night we pray for him during our family prayer time. We all can't wait for him to be here.

The agency sent me that book, "There is no me without you" and it was required reading, they considered it a training book kinda even though it's a biography, but I will never ever forget that book. The Author is just and amazing writer and it just so let me know what Abel's life is like now and in the past possibly. I know I have said it before but everyone should read that book.

(Click HERE to go to the web site and you can read about the author and the book.)

I wish I could post pictures on here of A for you all to see, but legally, I can't. He has the best smile.

Please pray for this adoption process, the forms to come in quick, the financial part, everything needs to be done by June so we can get him home before the rainy season hits Ethiopia which is July through September. They don't process adoptions during that time so please pray it all gets done before then.

Nothing is to big for God, I know this, I have seen it many times. I know Gods plan is working and His timing is perfect.


Anonymous said…
hello can you tell little E that i sed hello.

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