80's Country to funky Country

Our fire place before..


Now I am painting the kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen before..

And not quite after, I'm still working on it. Lots of priming, painting and sanding goes into that "Distressed" shabby sheik look. I actually only have this cabinet pantry thing done so far. I'm gonna do the cabinets in sections, bottom cabinets are next..

Oh, and my Africa painting, back in the kitchen, matching perfectly and just making the room! Thanks again to Jesus and "friend" :-)

I have grandma taste don't I? It's like kinda grandma yet kinda funky.

(And yes, I do mean "Sheik" as in Arab...that's just how I roll.)


Anonymous said…
OK, somebody has to say it. I can't believe you painted over those bricks on the fire place.


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